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Calibration For Industrial Scales

If you've done a bit of shopping on line, you've probably noticed that very few websites that sell industrial or commercial digital scales offer calibration services.  That's because many of the websites that sell scales aren't run by companies in the scale business, they simply sell scales for a manufacturer that drop ships the product.

At we realize that calibration is a critical part of using your scale successfully.  Depending on your application or your need for certification, you may need to have your scale calibrated at regular intervals.

Sign up for our calibration reminder service.  Tell us what type of scale you have, whether it's an Ohaus Scale or not, and what you use it for and we will send you an e-mail reminder to have your scale calibrated.  By planning for your routine calibrations, you can be sure that production cycles or testing cycles are not interrupted.

We're scale experts. Count on us for all your weighing needs.  The calibration notification service is a free e-mail service that we provide at no charge to you.  Typically notifications are sent out 2 weeks before the calibration due date.  If you require a longer lead time, please put a notation in the comments box below.

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